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You’ll likely hear the phrase “make and model” when you’re shopping for a car or getting auto insurance. “Make” refers to the vehicle’s manufacturer, such as Ford or Chevrolet. “Model” is the name of the product.


Auto Show Models Serve Two Purposes 


  1. Engage your customers and increase consumer interest
  2. Educate consumers about features and specs of a given vehicle


Experienced car show models are an ideal solution to represent your brand at an auto event.

They will attract customers with their professional presence and confident presentation. A great smile and warm hello are sure to stop visitors long enough for the model to engage them in the latest technology or luxurious comfort your auto has to offer.

Auto show models


will study and learn everything you want them to in regards to the make and model they are representing.


She will be able to appeal to the tech geek when she articulates your latest Bluetooth technology, the gear head with her knowledge of horsepower,

or the eco-conscience when she discusses mileage.


After hearing about your auto and seeing it sparkle under professional lighting, a consumer should be enticed enough to visit a dealer and give it a test drive.